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Naked kidnapping crew may have been tripping on hallucinogenic tea

The car full of naked Canadians that crashed in a bizarre kidnapping may have unwittingly drank hallucinogenic tea over breakfast, according to a report Friday.

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Cops are one step closer to uncovering the naked truth about why five people abducted a couple wearing only their birthday suits in Alberta on Monday, according to The National Post.

A relative of an unnamed passenger said the culprits drank possibly trippy tea from India the morning they peeled off their clothes — kicking off the “whole crazy spell.”

“It’s absolutely crazy,” he told The Canadian Press. “[We] were just going to have a nice morning and it ended up in that circumstance.”

Several of the naked people allegedly forced a man, woman and baby out of their home and into their car, Royal Canadian Mounted Police sources told the paper.

The abducted man — who was stuffed in the trunk— managed to escape while the car was being driven. The woman and her child escaped later but it’s unclear how.

The car later slammed into another vehicle in what cops called a “purposeful collision,” leaving them stranded on the side of the road, the paper reported.

Three people in the car were charged with kidnapping and resisting arrest. Two underaged passengers were not charged.

Nobody was seriously injured.

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